Third Times The Charm Part 1

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Third Times The Charm Part 1

Charm is absolutely perfect. Well, to me she is. Her dark hair, thick and almost Spanish, grazes her hips in soft waves. Her slim body, perky 34 C breasts and firm, round ass are all sculpted out of her spotless white skin. Blue eyes peer out from thick lashes, full brows and lips, and a smile that makes me want to do terrible things. To me she is absolutely perfect.

We met by chance through my ex-boyfriend, and immediately I fell head over heels. We eventually began seeing each other behind our partners backs and finally left them about a year ago. The thing I love most about Charm is her sense of adventure, real forced anal against her will inside and outside the bedroom.

The Charm and I made love, I felt clumsy. Working with only males and under the assumption I could handle parts so similar to mine, I sought out her guidance and slowly learned how to pleasure a woman.

Tongue here, fingers there, ah oh ohh OHHHH. That was the sweetest sound I have ever heard, her juices the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. And when she began to work on me, I was in heaven.

For the first six weeks we were together, all we would do was fuck. For hours we would do nothing but taste and ouch each other, rubbing and writing our bare bodies in screams of pleasure until some terrible event would tear us apart. That's when we decided could help ease the separation.

Double sided dildos, vibrators, strap ons, anything we could find we tried. Submitting ourselves to xnxxv sunny leone video machines wasn't as good as each other, but it did the trick. Plus, nothing is more arousing than calling your partner during a business meeting and letting her hear you get off.

Another sexual outlet we had was separate partners. who we would invite into our bedrooms and fuck and fuck and fuck until we all fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Part two of my stories will fill you all in on what happened the second time Charm and I made love.

Xo, Calla