Rainy day play

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Rainy day play

I think it all started when Jill and I ran into Joe and Sue in the strip mall on a rainy afternoon last summer. We were married only a couple months, living in a rental condo, and Joe and Sue were neighbours we sometimes met on walks. So we knew each other just well enough we had to say hello when we met. Not that we didn?t like them, its just that we had nothing in common with them. They were a little older, not much, but enough so they lived in their own house. They were just people we could see ourselves being in a couple years. Anyway, we met them in a strip mall just as a sudden squall really started pelting us, and we all ducked into the nearest store front. Imagine the look especially on the girls? faces when they found themselves in an /adult/adult-sex/">adult sex shop with relative strangers. Actually, strangers would have been better. Finding yourself looking at a huge dildo, knowing the guy you hardly know beside you is also seeing it and know you see it?well, you get the picture.

What really set it up was that we didn?t walk right out . Joe steered Jill away from the offending dong and we found ourselves actually looking at all the stuff that had been invented for the science of pleasure. After the /dildo/big-dildo/">big dildo, scented massage creams seemed pretty safe grounds. Still, it did set up a giggly mood. Then a clerk, a nice, stout old matron, asked me if Sue, who was then closest to me, had tried the feather duster tickler that was then in front of us. I made things worse by quietly telling her Sue and I weren?t a couple, indian santali xvideo just friends, and the old dear winked and bet we would soon be very close friends.

Our spouses heard all this, of course, and we quickly found ourselves outside having a good laugh. The rain was still pelting, so we ran across the lot to a Starbucks we hadn?t noticed before. Nothing more was said about the sex shop, but we found ourselves quite liking being with our new friends, and soon were arranging to meet for coffee and soon after that we were inviting each other over for football,

BBQ, whatever. Within a month or two we were very close friends, though not like the shop lady had implied. So when Jill turned 22 it was not a huge /surprise/">surprise that Joe and Sue had bought her a gift.

The presentation was just that. We were at their house, Joe dimmed the lights and lit a couple candles, while Jill mused the package on her lap. Only when the ambience was just right was she allowed to unveil her gift as the incense wafted about her. Then we were all laughing at her blushes as she saw the feather tickler we had seen the store that rainy day. After that it became the done thing to buy each other toys from that shop on any pretext of an occasion. Even the big dildo ended up with Jill, although after that I think we all agreed tacitly that maybe we should end the games, like maybe we all realized we had pushed the game as far as we safely could. But I became aware that Joe would sometimes be watching Jill?s bum when he thought he safely could, and I have to admit I have more than a passing interest in the swells of Sue?s bosom. Nothing overt, but I could tell we were both on the same page. And a crafty scheme hatched itself in my nasty little mind.

I had to wait for a /party/big-party/">big party that involved the four of us, and that didn?t happen overnight, but eventually we were all together at a /party/beach-party/">beach party that got a bit out of hand. Not wild, just raucous and a lot of fun. And the next day I tried my luck.
I called on Sue and Joe knowing Joe was at a car show. When Sue invited me in anyway, I made no effort to not stare at her body parts and soon had her a little uneasy. Finally she had to call me on it.
?Sorry, sweets,? I smiled, ? I guess I was just hoping for a little replay of our romp last night. You seemed to have such a great time. You must have cum four or five times.?
Sue?s mouth had dropped open as I talked, ?Romp? I didn?t romp last night. You thought you had sex with me??

Now my mouth was open, ?That wasn?t you? I was sure it was you. I wouldn?t have gone with anyone else. I thought you and Jill had set something up. Go on, it was you, wasn?t it?? I was prepared at this point to get the boot by a very embarrassed and confused Sue. That was quite a load I had just dumped on her. But she just stared at me nervously, chewing her lip.
?You fucked somebody on the beach and thought it was me? Does Jill know this? Does she think it was me??

In truth I hadn?t thought far enough ahead to get Jill involved in any plot. This was just to get the pot boiling, so to speak. This was just to see how far I could push it, and what the outcome might be. And the fact I hadn?t been kicked out by an outraged good little wife was a good sign. She just returned my gaze as I planned my next move. There was only one, really. Straight ahead, as if my story were a true one.

?I don?t know what she thinks. She knows I left with a lady, and when we came back she wasn?t there, but when she did turn up again she asked me if she was as good as I thought she would be. So she must have thought it was you.? I took time to mimic a puzzled frown, ?I didn?t want to pry into what she had been doing, so maybe that was a mutual thing. What happens on the beach stays on the beach, eh??

Sue had absently poured me a coffee as she listened to my story, trying to fix the story firmly in her mind. ?So You came over here hoping to fuck me, or more properly, fuck me again? Wow, this is a lot for a girl to get her head around. What am I supposed ;to do with it??
I thought I had pushed my luck far enough. ?Just forget it. You got it right the second time. I came to fuck you again. I wouldn?t have come if I wasn?t sure it was you I was with last night.? I noted her nervous smile. ? Maybe it was just wishful thinking, huh?? She absorbed this latest salvo with a sip on her mug. ?Just for the record, kid, back to Jill?s question, you weren?t as good as I thought you would be. Maybe I thought a second time sober would be better.?

Her face became troubled, ?But now, as it sits, you?ve just told me, a friend of Jill?s, that you had some nooky with a strange lady . What am I supposed to do with that? Pretend it never happened and I know nothing??

Just the response I had been hoping for. The only one she could have made , really. God, I?m sly. ?Of course you have to tell her. But I?ll see her first, and she will know all about it. She knows it was the lady that led me away, and she knows me well enough that I wouldn?t say no to a lady. I think she already has the dots connected. And I still think that she thinks it was you. We?ll all have a good laugh about this later.? I watched the relief relax her face. ?But I still wish it had been you, even if you were a bit of a disappointment. I think the real thing wouldn?t have been. ? She coloured very prettily. ?And you know as well as I that Joe watches Jill?s bum. It would have been fun to lead them into evening the score.?

I finished my coffee and called it a good morning?s groundwork. I strolled home to find Jill waiting with a fresh pot brewed and braced myself for a possible explosion when I tried my plan on her. I was pretty sure I was OK, but you never know. I maybe deserved a bit of a rough time.

?Your know that lady in white that you saw drag me away from the bonfire last night? The one we both thought was Sue? It wasn?t.? I tried pretty successfully to be amused at the revelation. ?I was so sure you girls had set up an affair that I guess I was seduced by a lady unknown.?

There was a pause as this sunk in. ?You got laid last night? You mean you actually strolled down the beach and fucked someone from the /party/">party? Maybe someone who knows us?? Jill seemed more concerned about our public image than my chastity.

I put on my best surprised look. ?Didn?t you know I got laid? You asked me if she was as good as I thought she?d be, didn?t you? I just took it from that that you figured it out.? I paused to let her sift through her memories, none of which would contain that last quote. ?Anyway, I thought it was Sue and that you two had probably set this up and when I didn?t find you right away when I got back you were probably off somewhere with Joe. I just didn?t think it was a good time to ask if he had been good.?

?But none of this happened,? Sue broke in, ?I saw you wander off, but I missed the lady in white. I thought you probably wanted a pee and were too lazy to go up to the biffy. And you thought you were fucking Sue? And you told her that? Which is as good as telling her you?d like to fuck her. And telling me you?d like to fuck her, for that matter. Wow! I like you being a horny toad, but I need to change gears for this one.?

Changing gears was the one thing I was counting on Jill being able to do. After all, when we met she was going with this guy she really liked but he was totally against having sex with her, beyond playing with her tits and letting her touch his boner. Don?t know what his problem was, but the night we met she came back to the party after he had delivered her home to her room in the girls wing alain lyle porn of the dorm and fifteen minutes later we were fucking in my room. That was six years ago and we?ve been fucking ever since, the last two months married. So I had no worries about any pretext of family sanctity or fidelity. Actually, my story of thinking her and Sue had set up our ?date? wasn?t that hard to envisage from some of the exchanges the four of us had had around our raunchy gifts.

?Why did you ask if she was as good as I thought she?d be?? I was buying time as the gears meshed in her memory banks.? ?
?I remember asking something about it feeling better, but I was talking about your bladder, not your scrotum. And you thought I was being a real trooper, did you??
?No, I thought you were telling me you just got some strange stuff too.? I let her study my indulgent face for a moment. ?Tell me. Something I have never asked you. How did Brad take it when you told him six years ago that you had found someone who liked to fuck? Did he go purple in the face, or what?? Nothing like reminding her that monogamy wasn?t her strong suit either.

A sly hesitation and shy grin. ?No. He was calm, and he actually consented to fuck me. But he was so /bad/">bad and clumsy, I just couldn?t put up with it. It was only the next day after you, and I hopped right out of his bed and came back to yours. I?ve been there ever since. I think he understood, because he never bothered me again.?

?Wow, Do you think he ever thinks what he?s missing out on? I mean, he must remember how your pussy felt. There must be a lot of regret not having that now.?
Jill giggled, ?I doubt it. He probably met another girl and fucked her, after they were married of course, and has no thought except of her.?
I allowed myself a luxurious stretch. ?I hope so. The dumb fucks deserve each other.? I deflected the wad of notepad Jill had been nervously mutilating. ?Just between you and me, I don?t think Sue minded that I thought It was her, and that I wouldn?t have gone if I hadn?t thought that.?

?But you thought we set it up and I might be with Joe. Was that OK with you? No, don?t answer that, you toad. I would be more worried about it being OK with Sue. But you said she didn?t flinch when you thought I had been with Joe? But that doesn?t count because she knew I wasn?t ?

?Sounds like being with Joe is something you have to clear with Jill, not Sue. I think if you let Sue know you wouldn?t mind, given the right setting and all, she might surprise you with what is OK with her.? I was stretching it quite a bit here. I had no idea how much it would be OK with Sue. Still, the odds were better if Jill brought it up than if I did. I had no doubt there would be some feeling out between the girls over the next little while. I wondered if Sue would ever really tell Jill about my fictional fling, or find a way skirt it. It didn?t matter, I had done what I promised and made my confession. It was a good morning?s play. I decided it was a good time to mow the lawn, the little scrap of grass the strata council let us keep for ourselves.

I finished the lawn just about the time the first drops of rain came, and by the time things were stowed it was just pelting. No thunder, but the kind of heavy rain you could tell was going to stay awhile. I went in the back way straight to the shower and took time to shave while I was at it, even though I had shaved before going to see Sue earlier. It had to look like I was ready for action, after all. It was a good while before I appeared in the kitchen wrapped in my robe and a smile. And there was Sue, sipping a beer with Jill. She gave me a bright smile and cheekily asked me what was under the robe.

?Just me, sweetums. Wanna see?? and I played with the knot in the tie. ?Have I been properly crucified for my sins? Have you convinced Jill it wasn?t you that raped me? Where?s Joe? The show was outdoors. He must have been rained out quite a while ago.? I opened a beer for myself and stood regarding the two friends. Sue had put on a jogging outfit to come over, and was now wrapped in a sweater of Jill?s as the rain chilled the muggy out of the afternoon. Jill had never got dressed, and had just thrown a robe over the baggy old nightshirt she liked to lounge in. Grunge with great legs. Nice. Hated to leave to answer the door, but I knew it was Joe, looking for Sue.

?Holy smokes, did we get wet in hurry!? Joe was pealing out his jacket in out front hall. ?I was looking at a seventies shagging wagon when it hit, and the owner invited us in. There was three guys and an older gal huddled in this mass of purple velvet and leather and chrome. You could see she liked the possibilities. Talk about blatantly pitiful cries for a blow job. I wonder how many girls ever got screwed in a beast like that. I can?t see a real stud thinking he needed something like that. Or a real woman being seduced by it.? As he talked the girls came through he stopped to take in the picture. Two sets of legs ascending the stairs, the only visible clothing a short wrap and a sweater. ?Holy smokes, you guys, while I was getting a lesson in American shagging history, you?ve been carousing without me. /legs/nice-legs/">nice legs, girls. What time do they open??

By now he could see Sue?s bright red shorts and singlet, but it was still a very fetching scene, two young ladies halfway up the stairs, Jill?s legs showing to mid thigh with an enticing mystery above that line, knowledge that running shorts are as close to naked as you can get. The girls must have realized it as well, what with all my promoting of the morning. They kept going, though, although the thought crossed my mind the body language suggested we might follow and be very well rewarded. But Joe hadn?t been brought into the loop yet. It might be too much of a turnaround for him.

Then I was helping Joe find a cup for his coffee and a dry shirt for his back. Wrapping his hands around the hot mug, Joe had a bemused look on his face. ?That was quite flock of feminine pulchritude you had on your hands. Until I saw Sue?s shorts I thought there might have been fun and games going on. I don?t know if I?d be annoyed finding you started without me, or that I?m annoyed anyway that there is nothing to join in on?
?You wouldn?t have eaten my gizzard for lunch if I started something with Sue?? I tried not to sound too excited. ?I know we?ve been pretty racy, but I thought it seemed like you especially backed off.?
Joe snorted, ?I backed off cuz I was in danger of coming on like a schoolboy. You can?t just say ?lets fuck? to a lady like Jill.?

?You might be surprised about that. You got the day off Monday, don?t you? So does Jill. Must be lonely, having the day off all by yourself.? I left him to mull this. The girls were coming back down, distressingly well covered, and we raided the frig for things to BBQ, found not enough, and said goodnight to our friends.

Later, in bed, I asked Jill what she thought of the events of the day. She reckoned nothing happened that she couldn?t handle. What I did last night was a surprise, but not inexcusable. She even found my claim that I thought it was Sue somehow made it justifiable. God, how I wished something had happened, and that it had been Sue! I decided on a whim to try a different sort of /foreplay/">foreplay. The dildo Joe had bought for her months before I had hidden in my bedside drawer, and I now pulled it out and slapped her tummy with it
?Remember this? I think its time it was test driven. Cuz you know why? Sue told me that day it looks exactly like Joe, even in size. That?s why he bought it for you. Do you think it fits?? All the time I was rubbing her with it, and now I dabbed some KY on it and insinuated it between her thighs. She put up only token resistance and quickly her moans were telling me not to stop what I was doing unless I came up with something better quickly. Soon only the play balls were left, and Jill took command of them, working the toy harder than I had dared to, quickly coming to climax.

?You like Joe?s cock? Wouldn?t it be fun if he was pushing the real thing?? I didn?t get an answer in English, her pelvis rocked wildly in orgasm, and at its highest point I could just hear a raspy ?JOE JOE JOE joe? and she was spent, at least for the moment. Minutes later, I was in for sloppy seconds, really different when Joe wasn?t even there.

I tried not to think to much about it the next day at work. I had in mind the almost invitation I had issued to Joe to visit Jill, but had no notion how the pot would boil without me stirring it. I thought about the phone connection you could get to monitor what your kids are doing at home without them knowing it. Bit late for that now. I just had to stew. Maybe Joe just wouldn?t get a chance to get over. I had no idea what Sue was doing for the day. And having all parties titillated by an idea is different than getting them to act. I hoped I wasn?t making too many screw ups at my desk thinking of the possibilities.

Jill was watching TV alone when I walked in, and I tried not to look disappointed. She motioned me to sit behind a beer she had poured for me and we pooled our feet on the ottoman.
?Quiet day?? I asked .

?Pretty quiet, except for the fucking. That was pretty noisy. Sue was right, Joe is just like the dildo. Warmer, though.? She smiled a little smile of triumph at me. ?Sue came with him. She?s a very versatile lady. You?ll love her. They?ll be back later. Sue said she can?t wait any longer, so you better be ready. And she still says this will be the /first-time/">first time for you two.? She pulled one knee to her chin and I could see her little pussy proudly winking at me.

Damn, it was a hot thing thinking of Joe making love to that vixen always so eager for a romp. I remembered how wild she was when we first came together, and knew this had to be almost as wild. More wild for Joe, I imagine. Pretty wild for Sue, too, watching her man being milked dry by that eager cunt. I bet she did get a bit versatile. How hands-off can a body be?

Sideways rain hitting the window brought me back quickly, thinking of the day we had been forced into the sex shop by the deluge. I raced to my bedside table and rescued the feather tickler that had been a gift to Jill months before and never actually used. I was just on my way back when I heard the pounding on the door, followed by it being pushed open and Joe and Sue scurrying in. They were laughing and apologising for barging in, but they were drowning. I looked at the duster in my hand and the mission we were on, and quickly stripped myself, the boner Jill?s story had roused still rampant. And holding my tickler chastely over my crotch went to meet out guests.

Sue saw me first. She had been stripped of her little white sundress, the same one she had worn to the beach party, and was standing there as nude as me, but without a fig leaf. Jill had dropped the dress where she had pulled it off, and was now working peeling wet stuff off Joe, leaving Sue and I smiling nervously at each other. Sue suddenly realized she was naked with a man who was going to fuck her very soon and fate had decreed there would be no lead up. I was looking at a lady who I had lied to to get here and felt I should feel some remorse. I didn?t, though.

?I wanted to pull you off to the bedroom in the dress you saw me in the other night.? Sue said softly. ?It was a nice idea, anyway, wasn?t it??

I had to agree. I ran the feathers over her breasts, raising goose bumps and a giggle. ?The lady in the shop was right, wasn?t she. This is a god way to make very close friends.?

Sue parted her thighs to let the feathers caress her pussy, ?How did you fuck me on the beach? Can we do it the same way? It seems silly, but when you told me about it, I wished it had been me. You weren?t that far from getting what you came for, except I wouldn?t have done it with Joe being part of it. I guess it?s not possible without sand, huh??

?Actually, it was on counter of the lifeguards? platform,? I was scrambling for any facts that would fit in, and the kitchen island was in sight and showed possibilities. ?Ever been fucked in the kitchen??

Sue followed my eyes and squealed her approval. She led me by the cock to the counter and hopped easily up on to it, grabbing her knees and spreading herself wide to me. ?Fuck me like you fucked on the beach, like you wanted to yesterday.? I touched her little clit that was pointing straight at me and she gasped, then grabbed my hand, ?No! Don?t make me cum. I want this cum to be with you fucking me. Come in me. I?m so wet. Just give it to me.?

Then Joe was on his knees behind her and letting her lean back into him and Jill was giving me a couple sucks just to let me know she was with us, and with Sue?s leg draped over her as well she led me to the waiting pussy. I?ve felt a few vaginas welcome me in, but this has to have been the horniest. Four pairs of eyes watching every inch, my sweety cradling my balls with one hand and kneading Sue?s

breast with the other, Joe just dreamily stroking the heaving tummy between us. it?s a good thing Sue didn?t allow foreplay because she did explode almost immediately. Then the others left us and padded down to the bedroom.

?I think we should go too, don?t you?? In truth my thighs were already getting a bit tired of the position. Not that it was that easy to pull out and help Sue down. It was only 30 hours or so since I had hatched the plot that put me here, and I really wanted to relish the victory in comfort and at leisure. Joe was already between Jill?s legs by the time we got there, stroking slow and locked in a deep kiss, but they had left us an empty side and we wasted no time in joining them in good old missionary. Now I could feel Sue?s body against me, her pointy little nipples digging in, and we actually found time to kiss. Imagine fucking before you kiss? We did.

Much later we had to break to find something to eat. Sitting around the island we had just fucked on was a strange feeling for all of us, but nice strange. There was no awkward feelings expressed, just that the situation only a day before would have been so weird. Now all being naked and frankly looking at each other was so natural. I guess that was it, that I should be socialising with a guy who had just /wife/wife-fucking/fucked-my-wife/">fucked my wife and me fondling his while he watched. How could that be as natural as we felt it was? Has the puritanical moral code got something exactly wrong? And how about the old dear who told Sue and I we would soon be very close? How does an older gal end up in a job like that? Maybe she?s seen enough of life, real life, to know it?s the best job in the world. I?m sure glad that lady in white grabbed be on the beach and showed me a better way.