Birthday Treat with 3 friends and wife

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Birthday Treat with 3 friends and wife

I am a Thirty something Bisexual Male. My Wife does not normally like to watch or take part with my other Sexual encounters, however this time she give me a special Birthday present.

All day my wife kepttelling me that she had one last Birthday present for me when I got home, so when I got home I was suprised to see 3of my Males friends from a /gay/gay-club/">gay club that I visit sometimes. I was told that this was my birthday present.

Before I knew itall the 5 off us were upstairs on the Bed completely naked, and I had lots of hands over my naked body.

It was not long before I found myself lying on the bed with my Arse up in the air and with 2 Men standing infront of me with very long and Hard Dicks, I just had to take 1 of the dicks in mymouth and I started giving a good Blowjob. I was bopping my head up and down on his 8" Dick while wanking the other dick in my hand.
I was sucking his dick deep into my mouth and was feeling that he was trying to hold on as much as possible. He started to buck and said "Oh. MMMMMM. Fuck I am going to come". Soon a nice warm lots of stuff came into my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could, however some came out of my mouth. My wife started to kiss me to try and share some of the nice hot liquid, there was enough to go around.

I was still wanking the other Dick,while the 3rd Man ad started to play with my Arse and was rubbing KY Jelly on it. He postioned himself and started to push disk 6" dickinto my Arse. He started very pumping very slowly but soon started to speed up and I could feel my Hole spreading to take his length in.
While he was Shagging my Arse, I couldfeel a Warm Mouth on my dick from underneath me and looked below and it was my wife giving me a BJ, while the man whose dick I had just emptied was licking my wifes trimmed pussy.

At this point the man standing in fornt of me put his Dick in myMouth and I started to Suck him off with my Arse being being taken very hard now, I was getting itfromall ends it wouldnotbe long before I came myself.

I was Sucking for me life and being blowjob porn videos ridden from milf porn videos behind and before I knew it the Man shagging my Arse, Tensioned up and Grabbed my Arse really Hard and let his entire load off into my Arse. I could feel is cream pouring out of myarse and down by legs. That was enoughfor me, I let my load out into my wifesmouth and the guy standing infornt me e grabbed my head and let out his cream into my mouth

I had stuff coming out of every bit of my body, it was leaking out of my arse onto my legs and out from my Mouth and onto my Chin.

I lay there exhausted.

I then watch mywife being Fucked in hervery wet dripping trimmed pussy my one of my friends. She was bouncing up and down on hishard cock, like a life depended on it, while rubbing her Clit. She quickly came.

All the Five of us lay on the Bed with spunk everywhere and we all fell asleep.

This was the best best present I have ever had. I really look forward to the next Birthday.