My Sexy Employee

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My Sexy Employee

100% FICTION!!

Hi All!!! I am Prashant from Kolkata. I own a big electronics showroom and have 6 employees working for me. During last Puja season, 3 of them quit at a time, leaving me in a crisis. We had to improve the display, and also decorate the shop to give it a festive look. Among my staff members, there is a /cute/cute-girl/">cute girl, Pallavi. She is petite, shapely (36-24-26), fair skinned, mesmerizing light brown eyes, and a round face. She is 22 years old, all in all, a complete bombshell of a girl.

That day, one more of the staff had taken a sick leave after half the day and I was really upset the wwwxxx at the workload. I and my remaining staff members had a brainstorming, I suggested we all work late to clear the pending jobs, and it was clear from the expressions on their faces that they were reluctant to work late. Only Pallavi was radiant, she looked hot as she was wearing a half sleeved sea green blouse and a short black skirt. Pallavi came forward and said, ’Sir, I am ready to work late.’ I said, ’/good/good-girl/">good girl! That’s the spirit.’ One more of them volunteered to stay back. I thought that would be enough.

After closing down, I myself, Pallavi and the other guy stayed behind to beautify the shop. As it is a large area, we split the area into three. The other staff was to decorate the shop front, I was to do the mid floor where highly sensitive products were displayed and Pallavi was supposed to do wwwxxx the business room, where the staff meetings and the meetings with the customers were conducted. This room was located at the very back of the store. The other guy (his name is Roshan), was still at it when I finished my share of the work. I asked him if I could help. He declined. I could see that he was taking his time, but he was doing a good job. I walked into the room where Pallavi was working and saw that she was in a chaos. I laughed and said, ’You are a mess!! Want some help?’ she smiled gratefully and nodded. I said, ’ok! We must be feeling hungry. Lets arrange for a little something to eat.’ I walked into the shop front, handed him some money and instructed Roshan to bring in some snacks and also not to forget the drinks. He gladly went through the door, I think he was famished.

I walked back to the room to find Pallavi contemplating some decorations on the ceiling. I said, ’the best way to do it is to get on the desk and do it.’ She jumped and laughed when she saw it was me, ’sir! You gave me a fright! I am nervous.’ I said, ’why dear? There is nothing to be nervous about. Let me give you a hand.’ I helped her get on the desk as it was a bit high. It didn’t help her any as she was even shorter I located a small stool nearby and placed it on the desk. She stepped on it and got adequate boost to allow her access to the ceiling. Correction, it gave her a lot of boost to show her belly, midriff and the bottom of her silken bra. I got an /erection/">erection immediately. ’Gosh! She is so hot,’ I thought. Her navel was tempting me a lot. I got my cell phone out and pretended to call Roshan, but in fact I was surreptitiously taking a snap of her nice skin hidden under the blouse. After doing so, I really called Roshan to find how long it would take him. He informed me that he would be away for another hour or so as all the snack shops had closed down and he had to go to a lot more distant shop of his acquaintance. I told him to try and be earlier, but secretly I wished him to be away for more, so that I could have more sneak peeks of Pallavi.

I got more glimpses of her flat belly and her navel looked more tempting than ever. The temptation was irresistible and I suddenly touched her navel. She gave a start, and got imbalanced from the stool as she was holding a heavy and tangling rope like thing for decoration. I broke her fall and caught her in my arms before she fell down and injured herself. She looked up at me inquiringly, I said, ’Sorry , Pallavi! You have a hot body, your navel was enticing me and I couldn’t resist the urge to touch it. Sorry to be such an idiot.’ Her arms were around my neck and I had a close view of her blush. The effect on me was devastating.

I set her down on her /feet/">feet and turned to walk away. She held me by my wrist, I looked back at her and she drew herself closer to me, as if imploring to be hugged and held close. I slid my hands behind her slender waist and pulled her in. She looked into my eyes and our lips automatically locked in a passionate kiss.

I think her navel is her hot spot. My touch there had turned her on because I could feel her erect nipples poking into my chest. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth and our hands frantically pulling our dresses apart. Soon we were completely naked. I picked her up in my arms and placed her on the desk. I started kissing her legs and thighs, progressing to her loin, giving more time on her hot navel, then her chest and breasts. I fondled and bit her breasts with my lips. Her hand got a hold on my erect dick and stroked it vigorously. I bit the side of her slight neck. Then I kissed her on her cheeks and she pulled me to her lips. Every bit of her was velvety and slinky. All the time she was stroking my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I had already come in her hand once and her continuous stroking had me erect again.

I then licked her cunt, she moaned audibly. I liked it, both her cunt and her moan. It was the sweetest thing I ever heard. I asked her, ’are you a virgin?’ she said, ’yes, I am!’ I said, ’you won’t be for long.’ She laughed and gasped at the same time as I gave another go with my tongue on her cunt until she came in my mouth.

She giggled when I had licked all her juice. I looked up at her, she purred like a half satisfied kitten, and I lined my erect dick with her cunt. I rubbed the dick on her cunt; she gasped and chuckled in anticipation. I pushed the head of my dick into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and she licked her lips. I pushed it farther and she gasped and doubled up in pain as my thick long dick went into her and broke her hymen. I was in to the hilt and waited till her pain subsided. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. We smiled at each other and kissed again. I massaged her innards with my dick. Her shaft was tight as a vise.

She squirmed and shivered under me, her soft breasts rubbing against my chest. The feeling was heavenly and a turn-on. I stroked harder into her and soon the room was filled with frenzied moans of her and pleased grunts of mine. Her throbbing cunt gave me an idea that she was about to cum, I pulled out the dick and she came with a force. I went in again and rammed her cunt relentlessly, within no time another orgasm built up inside her. This time while I was pulling out, she orgasmed so violently that I came inside her. I smiled at her apologetically and she smiled back at me. She pulled me by my dick, stroked and caressed my dick gently with both her hands and picked up our mingled juices from my dick. She licked her fingers appreciatively and sucked my dick dry.

My dick wanted more. I fucked her again and came inside her, deliberately this time. I made her suck my cock again. Then I fucked her ass and came on her belly and breasts, just in time to allow her to rub my cum all over her, masturbate her cunt in front of me and get ourselves dressed up. I was still unsatisfied and pushed her against the wall and lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panty and entered her. I fucked her and came inside her; she was fondling my hair and biting my earlobes to cut her noise.

When Roshan was back, my hair was disheveled and my shirt pulled out of its smart tuck-in. Even her dress was messy now. He looked at us and asked what had happened. I said, ’we just got out of a tangle in the clumsy stringy things scattered around here.’ And we all laughed.

I caught Pallavi’s eye and when I looked over to her, she gave me a mischievous wink. I grinned back wickedly. We finished our work rapidly after that and called it a day. Next day I said to her, ’we should carry on more often like yesterday.’ She laughed and kissed me in agreement.

We did it another time after that. What’s more, we do it even now. Right now, she is on my bed just waiting to be drilled by my dick’