Date Night Out

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Date Night Out

On my way home from a rough week of work, I stopped and picked up some steaks, shrimp and drinks in hopes that my wife would agree to one of our very special date nights that we enjoy together. As I came in Jackie greeted me and I showed her the catch of the day and asked her if she would like for me to do the cooking tonight. She smiled and responded that she was thinking the same thing earlier in the day.

I brought out the one hitter and the best smoke on the market. One hit two hits three hits and mellow is the mood to start off our night. Jackie headed back to the bath and bedroom for some serious primping time while I headed off to the grill and kitchen.

After a martini served bath and primping, Jackie emerged from the bedroom looking as if she had stepped out of a fashion magazine. Her blond hair, nails and makeup were done to perfection. She had chosen my favorite look in clothes. A white silk blouse and beneath that a cupless black bra that let her hard nipples brush and push out against. She complemented that look with a black form fitting skirt with slit up the front and black stockings and stiletto high heels. I could not wait to see what xxx sex video download free com lingerie was under that beautiful skirt.

As Jackie came into the kitchen she gave me a long kiss and told me how appreciative was that I took the initiative for the night. It was all I could do to restrain myself from taking her right then. As she sat down and crossed her legs her skirt fell away and I could now see that she there was a black garter belt attached to the tops of the stockings. My cock was now rock hard in anticipation of finding out what was covering her beautiful pussy.

Jackie saw what effect she was having on me. I asked her if she was as horny as I was. She said let me see and then ran her fingers up her stockings and inserted her fingers into her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy then took it out and showed me her wetness. I gladly took her finger into my mouth and sucked the juices off tasting her love.

We enjoyed the candle lit dinner and finished off a bottle of fine wine. It was then off to the living room to enjoy more wine, smoke and music. As we danced I could feel her warmth and as she rubbed against me my cock became hard with an ache for release. With that feeling Jackie pushed me down on the couch then stood in front of me and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor revealing a pair of black crotchless panties enveloping her perfectly trimmed pussy. I could no longer stand it as I grabbed her ass cheeks and brought that pussy to my waiting tongue. As I licked her, Jackie unbuttoned her blouse and tweaked her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples and moaned with obvious delight.

She then backed away and reached down and released my hardness. My cock sprang to attention and Jackie licked the length. She then proceeds to straddle me and insert my cock into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She then rode me hard while squeezing her breasts. Commanding me to come I shot my load into her and felt her pulsating with me. We both fell spent.

After a few minutes Jackie got up and redressed. Asking me if I wanted to go to the club for some more drink and dance I refused to her protests. I was just to mellow to go out. She asked me if I minded if she went out. I told her to go and have fun.
Jackie went to the bedroom to readjust herself and put a jacket over top her blouse. Coming into the room she asked if she was over dressed to go out and I responded that she would be the most beautiful woman the club. With that she was out.

It was a little after 4 am when I heard our car pull into the driveway. I got up to go out and greet her. As she came in the door, I could tell that she was more intoxicated than when she left earlier and a lot more mussed up. I asked if she had fun and she told me that she had a great time meeting and making new friends dancing and drinking. I asked why so late coming in, she told me to sit down and she would explain.

Jackie told me that she had been dancing with a guy from out of town that she really liked. At closing, he invited her out to smoke and she accepted. The guy was staying at a local Inn and suggested that they go to his room. Once they got to the room he poured some drinks for them and prepared the smoke. As they sat there Jackie crossed her legs and her skirt fell away exposing her garter belt and stockings. The guy commented how beautiful that sight was and proceeded to kiss her. She said that she then took off her jacket and the guy was completely in shock an awe telling her that this was always a /fantasy/">fantasy of his. A beautiful woman would be dressed like this and be a chance meeting. I really couldn?t blame him.

Jackie tells me that she now became the aggressor on unbuttoned his shirt and started licking his nipples and unzipping his pants searching for his cock. She unbuttoned her blouse and let him see her now hard breasts. He started sucking and kissing her tits. Jackie then said she went down on him and sucked until he came in her mouth and she drank all his cum. She said that she was so turned on that she continued to suck him until he became hard again. Now she wanted fucked.

At this point my cock is hard just listening to her encounter and I reached over and slid my fingers into her freshly fucked pussy. Jackie tells me that they took turns fucking each other and he ate her pussy until she came.
As I continued to listen I unbuttoned Jackie?s blouse and saw that her nipples were hard. I then proceeded to remove her skirt only to find out that her panties we missing. Asking where they were, she told me that she had left them behind for here fantasy guy.

We both laughed at that and then made love until sunup. My wife came so many times that I lost count and I?m sure to this day she still thinks about making someone?s fantasy come true.
The Next Morning

When I awoke it was a beautiful morning about 10 am. I looked over at my beautiful sleeping bride and reflected of the night. I wanted to make love to her but knew that she would need all her rest to cure the hangover. With that I thought I?d quietly sneak out and enjoy my second love golf.

Getting to the course, I asked the Pro to get me out as a single and he let me right on. 1st hole birdie and this weekend is couldn?t be any better. As I played on, well may I add, I caught up to the pairing in front of me with no problem. I joined up with these guys and continued to have a great round. In conversation I found that they were from out of town staying at the local Inn, as a matter of fact, the same Inn that my wife got laid at last night.

These guys were a little younger than me and both very /athletic/">athletic and good looking. As our conversation continued the one guy Brad said that this has been one of the best trips he had ever taken, good golf and great women in this city. I asked about the great women of the city? He didn?t go into any great detail about any woman only to say that ?he met a woman that made all his dreams come true?. I?m starting to think, could this be the guy?? One more check. As the drink cart came by I bought the round and asked if they would be interested in to smoking up one. Brad?s buddy was not interested but Brad definitely was had his game on. So we did. Funny thing about this was now I have a guy in front of me that gets high and is staying at the same Inn that my wife got laid and he had his dream met. My mind racing, I just had to confirm my suspicions.

Coming into the clubhouse we had a couple drinks and I collected my winnings sexxxx video ful hd from the course. I asked Brad and his buddy if they?d want to join me for dinner at a great restaurant this evening. They accepted and I told them if my wife was up to it she?d come along. I?d confirm later.

Back at home Jackie was just getting around when I got back. Of course her concern was how I was doing with everything that went on last light. I told her that I was good and that I?d never seen her that turned on. She felt so guilty about what she had done that she could not hold that inside without telling me. I asked if there were any feelings about this guy. She told me that it was strictly sex. Not like us, that we make love. She also told me that she told the guy that she was happily married and she would not see him again. It was great but she would not risk her marriage. I told her that I loved her and that I was actually happy that she had great sex a good time and came home to me. The only thing I was disappointed about was her leaving her black panties behind. With that I asked if we might go out and celebrate a new chapter in our lives over a great dinner tonight. She agreed and told me that she need time to rally herself and get ready. With that she headed off and I called Brad to confirm our plans. The trap had now been set.

Around 8 pm as Jackie was getting ready to go out I asked her to wear something sexy and she told me that she already planning that. Getting ready I smoked a couple and served Jackie with some as she bathed. She said she was feeling much better as the bubbles framed her gorgeous tits peaked thru. I told her that I knew she was still turned on thinking about last night. She said she was. At this I asked her to masturbate for me.

She closed her eyes and slowly started to move her hand under the soapy bubbles. As she pleasured herself I began to ask her questions. What did he do? Did you like the way he licked your breasts? Yes, she replied. Did he lick your clit? Yes she replied. He licked me from top to bottom, slowly at first and then faster until he made me come. Did he then put his fingers into your pussy? Yes she replied. He put his fingers in me and licked me at the same time. Did you come for him? Yes she said. Then I could not wait to get cock in my mouth. Did you take his cock in your mouth? Yes, she said. I took him all the way into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth as deep as I could take it. And then you made him come on your mouth? Yes, oh yes, she said. I told her, now come for me baby and she started rocking with as her body quivered. She then came 3 more times for me and opened her eyes to look at me. She asked me if this turned me on. I explained to her that I was not jealous and it did turn me on. She said that she was amazed at this new revelation. Jackie then asked me to fuck her. I declined stating I?m saving myself for later. Let?s go out.

Tonight Jackie emerged from the bedroom again looking beautiful. Not the same as she would dress for our nights at home but sexy for going out. She wore black dress with leather trim black stockings. Again I wanted to find out what was under that dress but refrained for later. I told her that we may meet up with a couple guys I had played golf with earlier. She said great, more the merrier she always enjoy meeting new people. Jackie then handed me a remote control device. I asked what that was for. She then explained that she had gone to the toy store and bought a pair of panties that had a vibrator that activated with this control. We had talked about this before but she surprised me by actually getting it. With that I activated the on control and she instantly acknowledged that that felt extra good and powerful enough to give her organism. I just said, Oh my god, happy birthday to me. Laughing, we were out.

Arriving at the restaurant, I once again tripped the vibrator to assure it was working. It startled Jackie but then she said it really felt good. I shut it off to her dismay and said let?s eat and we went into one our favorite places.
Coming in, the hostess whom I know told me that my guests had arrived and escorted us back into the dining room. When we got to the table Jackie and Brad both had that deer in the headlights look. I took notice and then introduced Brad and his buddy to Jackie. She was of course graceful in her introduction.

The boys had already ordered their drinks and Jackie ordered. Jackie said that she would prefer something stiffer and went straight to the martini. After the initial reaction I was thinking, yea she would defiantly like something stiffer. This like last night was going to be interesting.